About us

Eat well-Feel good!

Machete is a project inspired by the customs and traditions of the small towns and neighborhoods of Mexico.

We love Mexican food, but the authentic and Healthy Mexican food has to be cooked as our ancestors did - with natural ingredients, free of harmful additives and preservatives and obviously a lot of love!

Mexican food is very tasty and nutritious, and our priority is to offer you the best so you can enjoy a special, ancestral and authentic Mexican cuisine.

What distinguishes Machete is that it has all the memories, anecdotes and techniques of my mother and grandmother's kitchens, so each recipe, each mixture of ingredients has a special flavor.

All our dishes are made with fresh and sustainable products when possible. You can also find healthy and functional products to take care of your health, because remember that it's not just about eating until you're fill, but to nourish and give your body optimal functioning.